AI custom WIFI marketing

My role
  • Mid UX/UI┬áDesigner
  • Redesign the website.
  • Design the Software's dashboard
  • Help with the design system
Tools Used
  • Wireframes ( Sketch)
  • Icon Design ( Illustrator)
  • Email background ( Cinema 4d )
  • UI ( Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator )
The Problem

Redesign the website and design the dashboard for the AI software.


The Design team was just the design lead and I, we had a big task in front of us. Firstly we had to redesign the website on our first Agile sprints, which came out very clean and brought identity to the brand.

After the design we focused on the wireframes, updating as it was tested. The design of the Web APP software was finished and handed out to the Development Team.