Safer Eats App

Everybody should have a sit at the table

My role
  • UX Designer Leader
  • UX Research
  • User Testing
  • UI Design
Tools Used
  • Wireframes ( Sketch)
  • Personas ( Sketch )
  • Prototype ( Invision and Axure )
  • UI ( Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator )
The Problem

Designed for people that have food allergies or food restrictions (ie. dairy intolerants, vegans) to find nearby restaurants and not feel left out at a dinner table.


360 View technique was put into practice to get the team’s ideas and user feedback onto post-its so that the flow of ideas could be placed in a visual manner using a Venn Diagram.
Zen Voting was then used so that the team could to vote on the best and viable ideas, applying this method even the shyest person of the group would have an equal voice and prioritise the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).  

Six, in person, interviews were  with people who had food restrictions. The interviewers were:
  • a restaurant owner
  • a celiac
  • a dairy intolerant
  • a vegan
  • a vegetarian
  • a person which had close relative with different restrictions.
Guerrilla Testing
Gerrilla Testing was crucial for the project, doing usability tests on paper helps save time as you can test with any potential user, anywhere, therefore granting you the possibility to make changes on navigability on the fly. Thus fixing some flaws before wireframing.